Our Vision
Residential (Live/Work Spaces)
  • Affordable housing for qualified artists who meet Federal guidelines for affordability. (Artists are a “protected class” eligible for affordable housing under H.R. 3221)

    • Who qualifies as a “working artist” is to be determined by the local art community in selection process workshops.

  • Access to affordable health care.

  • Affordable transportation options.

  • Reduced cost of utilities from energy efficiencies and solar/sustainable building design.

  • A variety of open floor plan design options that enable artists to work in the units where they live developed with input from potential residents.

    • What design features and functional elements would you like to see in these units? The variety of unit designs should accommodate families and couples as well as some “clusters” with shared kitchen/living room for writers and musicians who don’t need a lot of workspace.

  • Workshop space and equipment shared with artists from outside the residential community.

  • Exhibition and performance opportunities utilizing spaces designed into the project.

  • Exchanges with other arts collectives locally and internationally.

Retail Program
  • An art bookstore perhaps with artists’ exhibition catalogs and monographs to browse through.

  • Bookstore connected to a coffee shop

  • Craft and gift store

  • Long-time beloved Venice Merchants and Restaurants who have been displaced from Abbot Kinney and other locations.

  • Private gallery representing Venice artists

  • Retail tenants, facing the public streets, open to the interior of the Project serving both visitors and residents.

Event Space
  • Utilize the backside of the MIA/POW mural that faces Pacific Ave. as the backdrop for a theater stage and as a screen to project outdoor movies in events open to the public

  • A dedicated Gallery space.

  • A secondary gallery space doubling as event/meeting space available for classes open to the neighborhood including children’s art and dance/theater classes and for adult education/exercise/extension day and evening classes.

  • An Art Rental Program like a lending library of artwork by resident artists as a gallery program.

  • Energy self-sufficiency and recycling: solar panels on roofs and/or pedestrian bridges

  • EV charging stations

  • Compact Automated Parking

  • A dedicated truck for building tenants that can be reserved by residents to transport their work off site. It should be stored near a loading dock adjacent to the automated parking entrance. A freight elevator off of the dock will go to each level of the housing clusters and these clusters connected with bridges on each level so that all artist units can benefit from the freight elevator. The bridges will have solar panels so that apartment roof tops can be used for rooftop patios and building equipment. The bridges can also provide shade and house planters.

  • An urban farming program for growing food on the premises for residents and the restaurant on the premises.

  • “Poets Walk” public park-like space in the plaza area that provides seating within the landscaping.

  • Access to public transportation (Exposition Line) via The Free Ride/Blue Bus

  • Car/Truck Sharing Program the building would manage.

  • Reinstate the Historic Venice Trolley.

  • Hosting a hub for the bike share program at the Metro site that connects with services at the Metro Station on 4th & Colorado.

Enhanced Beach Access
  • Pedestrians should be able to walk around the POW/MIA mural at Sunset Ct. and Pacific and straight through the Project to Main Street. (a continuation of the walk streets)

  • Devise better pedestrian crossing across Pacific Ave. beyond the feeble flashing lights at Sunset Place.

    • What do you think of these ideas:

      • stoplight at Thornton Place where the path connecting Main St. along the South side of the site lets out and for cars exiting the automated parking structure with an entrance off of Main.

      • Flashing lights imbedded in the asphalt at Sunset Ave, when the crossing button is pushed.

      • A distinctive street painting on Pacific by the signal and the flashing lights (as a traffic-calming device). Akin to a “street mural” extending the design of the POW/MIA mural onto the street.

      • Metro Bike Share racks along the Pacific side next to the mural so people can go down to the Boardwalk or up to Main Street via Sunset Ave.

Studio/Workshop/Office Space
(Open to the Public as well as Residents)
  • Conventional studio facilities offering kilns, etching press, etc. that can be used by residents and artists from outside the project and that can be rented out for art classes and drawing labs.

  • Co-office Space + startup small office rentals

  • Co-working space geared for architects and designers

  • An Advanced Prototyping Center with heavy-duty equipment like 3-D printers, welding shop, wood shop, etc.

    • What equipment would you like to see?

      • A space for tech collectives/sound and video artists and  recording studio.

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